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Grosmont Futures update 15/01/20 (previously known as Rural futures)


At the last Grosmont Futures meeting, held on 15 January, it was agreed that the group should form an interim steering group to get the group up and running and to deliver the upcoming Grosmonts Got Talent event (being held on 21 March in the nave).  18 people who attended the meeting put themselves forward to be part of this steering group.  I recognise there may be others who didn’t attend the meeting who may still be interested in joining. I would like to reiterate that this group is still open and will welcome anyone who is interested in being more involved. Indeed raining awareness of the group and inviting people to participate is one of the objectives of the Grosmont Got Talent event.


Aside from the formation of the steering group, the last meeting was focussed on planning for the Grosmont’s Got Talent event and assigning roles and responsibilities. As such detailed notes have only been circulated with those involved with the planning. From here on there will be a steering group mailing list and a wider community mailing list. Please let me know if you would like to join the steering group and I will add you details.


Date of the next event planning meeting: 18 Feb:  7-8.30pm @ Town Hall


Thank you for your continued interest and support.


Best wishes

Peter Willis

Update -Notes from meeting 3.12.19.docx
Microsoft Word document [9.5 KB]



Please find attached detailed notes from the most recent Rural futures meeting. This contains information about what was discussed and agreed under the following headings:


  1. Updates
  2. Prioritising community-wide objectives
  3. Next steps: Forming a group to take forward the priority objectives. Community action and decision making-what is the best way to involve everyone?
  4. Inviting attendees to be part of the new community group
  5. The best way to invite others not in attendance to be involved?
  6. Need for a community engagement event


Under points 4 and 5 above, it was agreed in the meeting that a new group should be formed to lead on the work that has been under discussion. Attendees were given the opportunity to complete the following table to indicate whether they would like to be part of this and how involved they would like to be. I would like to invite anyone who wasn’t able to attend but who is interested in being part of a new group to complete the table below and reply to me so I can start to compile a list of interested members. We will also be extending the invitation to anyone interested who is not currently on this mailing list and this is explored in points 5 and 6.




Contact (email)

How would you like to be involved going forward?


1- Part of an action oriented group such as a committee that leads on taking things forward.

2- Part of a wider group that helps guide and informs direction.






























Many thanks for your continued interest and support,


With best wishes

Peter Willis


The next meeting with Rurual futures will be on the

Wednesday 25 September

Grosmont Town Hall


This will allow time for Grosmont Community council to discuss the notes and conclusions from the community building meeting we had at the end of July and feedback. I am moving house in mid-September but should be contactable as usual (other than a couple of days while I’m waiting for a broadband connection).




  • Community buildings next steps
  • Prioritising community-wide objectives
  • Community action and decision making-what is the best way to involve everyone and take projects forward?


I look forward to seeing in a few weeks,


With best wishes

Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator

Grosmont meeting 2 July 2019.docx
Microsoft Word document [21.4 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.1 MB]

Hi everyone


This email contains information about upcoming meetings as well as notes from the last rural Futures meeting. Apologies for the length of the message but I feel it’s important to keep everyone in the loop.


Upcoming meetings:


  1. The next Rural Futures meeting will be held in the town hall at 7-8.30pm on Tuesday 30 July.


The meeting will be to discuss 3 key areas:


  • Community spaces in the village- current and potential uses (including ideas for activities they could host)
  • Sense checking and prioritising draft objectives.
  • Exploring ways to involve the wider community in decision making.


  1. A new Pontrilas station -Public meeting:  7pm in the town hall on 5 August


There will also be a public meeting about the proposal to reopen Pontrilas station led by the project lead, Dr Clive Stainton. See updates below for background info.


Notes from Rural Futures community meeting 2 July 2019


Church link article:

PW  submitted an article in Church Link about Rural Futures following the suggestion at the last meeting to help increase awareness of the project and the progress of those participating.


“Pontrilas Parkway” station Proposal- Public meeting Monday 5 August Grosmont Town Hall


PW  introduced early proposals to reopen a station near Pontrilas led by Dr Clive Stainton from the Eywas Harold Group of parishes. The idea sits in the Parish Neighbourhood development plan (attached) which was recently adopted. A survey to model anticipated demand was conducted back in 1998 and met the threshold of 150 daily passengers required for Network rail to consider opening a station. This didn’t progress due to a lack of proposed housing development at the time which was required by government for funding. Since then the villages over the boarder have grown substantially and further development is proposed. This helps strengthen the case for a new station further. Herefordshire council has changed hands and appears more inclined towards sustainable public transport. The key players are Department for Transport, Railtrack, WG, Transport for Wales, Monmouthshire CC, Herefordshire CC, parish and community councils. I have had a number of discussion with Clive and am attempting to strengthen the Welsh connections. I have written to David Davies and Ken Skates and received support from the former. Dr Clive Stainton, the project lead, has kindly agreed to come to Grosmont to discuss the proposals in more detail and answer any questions. All are welcome.


Community Transport Provision

There has been some confusion about existing community transport services in the area. In addition to the Bridges Car Scheme, previously mentioned,  Dore community transport and Grass routes have confirmed they serve the Grosmont area. It would be good to help raise awareness of this for those who may benefit.


Play area

A meeting took place on 28 June between residents and CADW at the castle to discuss the idea for a modest play area. There are some issues concerning liability which need to be ironed out with CADW  before the project can proceed.


Blocked rights of way issue

I reminded people about the Countryside volunteers in Monmouthshire who could assist with any public rights of way maintenance. If anyone has interest/ concerns about this issue please get in touch with me.


Place Plans

Witek introduced the subject of Place Plans. He recently had some training and discussed the Ewyas Harold group of Parishes neighbourhood plan (see attached) as a potential example to follow. Such a plan would become part of the county LDP and would help govern any future developments in the village. It was acknowledged that producing the place plan would require a great deal of work and would need support. Attendees at the meeting were in agreement that Grosmont would benefit from such a plan being produced and this should become an objective.


Further exploration of thematic tables

The group took some time having another look at the thematic tables for Grosmont which capture the issues, opportunities and supporting info expressed to date. See “Grosmont meeting 2 July” attachment for the latest iteration following this meeting.


Draft objectives for Grosmont


Following the discussions that have taken place over the last few months at Rural Futures meetings (which were based around the findings in the Shaping Grosmont report) a number of draft objectives have emerged which should help guide the work going forward. I have listed these below and would welcome any feedback. Please note they do not appear in any order of importance. Each has an objective, followed in brackets by specific projects which have been mentioned and then the outcomes these address in red font.


Short- medium term

  1. To improve community meeting and recreational spaces and extend the activities they can support [buildings/ café/ and play space] (social capital, health and wellbeing and social isolation)
  2. To raise awareness of existing transport provision and explore whether additional means are necessary (social isolation/ access to services)
  3. To improve community communications (showcasing existing groups and activities and via church link magazine and ….) (social capital and social isolation)
  4. To save the village shop [Support and inform plans for the village shop] (access to services, maintaining a healthy demographic in the village)
  5. To improve river access and unblock public rights of way. (health and wellbeing)
  6. Establish a village forum (Community governance and decision making)
  7. Develop a Grosmont Place Plan


Longer term

  1. To support the development of proposals for a new station in the Pontrilas area. (access to services and education/ employment opportunities, maintaining a healthy demographic in the village)
  2. To explore housing needs, solutions and tolerance. (maintaining a healthy demographic in the village affordable housing)
  3. To increase community space provision if deemed necessary. [build a new community hall] (social capital, health and wellbeing and social isolation)


Many thanks for taking the time to read such a long message. I look forward to seeing you either at the next Rural Futures meeting on 30 July and/or the Pontrilas Station meeting on 5 August. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything in the meantime.


Best wishes

Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator



Hello again.


Further to my message a couple of weeks ago, our independent evaluators, Wavehill have asked me to share a link to a short survey for you to give your feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly of the Rural Futures programme. If you have had any connection or thoughts on the programme we would really appreciate it if you could click on the link below to complete an online survey. The survey should take 10 minutes and is anonymous.




With gratitude and best wishes



Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator

Notice of electors' rights

Grosmont - Electors Rights Notice.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [379.6 KB]





Hello there


Please find attached updated thematic tables containing the additional contributions of residents, community councillors and local authority officers from meetings held over the last month or so.  These tables try to capture all the issues, ideas, existing resources that can be linked and who else needs to be involved in one place.


At the last public meeting the discussion had a big emphasis on ensuring as many people as possible can have the opportunity to be involved in this work. It would be really helpful for everyone to play a part in this by mentioning it to neighbours and friends. As suggested, I have submitted an article about the project and what everyone has been discussing for the Church Link magazine. Someone has also kindly offered to put a simple poster on the noticeboard from now on to advertise meetings to people not on this list.


Everyone is encouraged to come to the next meeting where we will finish exploring areas of focus and start to prioritise possible projects:


Rural Futures next meeting:

Tuesday 2 July


Grosmont Town Hall


I wanted to also highlight a couple of practical areas the local authority can help everyone. They run a training programme for community volunteers. In addition to a scheduled programme of training they are also happy to put on bespoke training if required. Examples of the kind of training they mentioned include social media skills, inspiring and leading people and events management. Please let me know if you’d like to know more and I can link you to the responsible officer. More information can be seen here:   https://www.monmouthshire.gov.uk/community-leadership-programme/


There is also an officer at the local authority called Tim Lewis who supports community events including information about what you need to know when running events. Given the existing experience and knowledge in the village, something of greater interest may be that they also have a pool of events resources that can be borrowed by communities at low cost. Again please let me know if you want more information and I can link you up.


Finally there has been talk about opening up blocked rights of way in the area. Monmouthshire has a team of about 130 countryside volunteers who help with this kind of issue and could potentially be willing to come to the Grosmont area to help out. Please get in touch is this is something you are interested in and could help identify where the rights of way issues are.


Finally, as part of the ongoing evaluation of Rural Futures our independent evaluators, Wavehill, would like to contact anyone willing to complete a short online survey about the project. I’ve been assured it should only take 5-10 minutes. You could either contact the researcher directly by emailing  Tom Marshal: tom.marshall@wavehill.com or I would be happy to forward your details to Tom for you if you prefer. It would a great help top Tom if you could spare your time.


I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on 2 July. Do get in touch anytime about anything in the meantime.


Many thanks all.


Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator

Grosmont Individual Thematic tables 20 J[...]
Microsoft Word document [38.6 KB]












Microsoft Word document [12.9 KB]


Hello again


Apologies, but I have to change the date of the Rural Futures meeting scheduled on 6 June. This will now take place on 5  June. For clarity, this is the one referred to as  “Next steps part 2”  The time and venue remain unchanged (The Nave, 7-9pm) and the meeting on 23 May will go ahead as planned (The Nave 7-9pm).


Please see message below for more details and my apologies once again for any inconvenience this may cause.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Best wishes


Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator



Thank you to everyone who has replied expressing an interest in attending a repeat of the Shaping Grosmont next steps meeting that was first run on 11 April. I can now confirm the following dates for upcoming Rural Futures meetings to prioritise and build on the ideas expressed to date:


  1. Shaping Grosmont next steps- repeat session: The nave 7-9pm, 23 May (repeat session for anyone who couldn’t make the 1st meeting on 11 April)

Sense checking the report

Prioritising themes

Exploring, prioritising and developing issues and ideas expressed so far

Introduction to potential funding


  1. Shaping Grosmont next steps part 2: The nave 7-9pm, 6 June (for everyone including those who attend the meetings on 11 April and 23 May)

A chance to continue the great work begun in session 1- developing and prioritising ideas


I look forward to seeing you at these meetings if you can make it. Please do get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to discuss in person and I’d be happy to pop over for a chat.  


With best wishes


Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator

Rural Futures Shaping Grosmont meeting notes and next steps


Thank you to everyone who came along to the Shaping Grosmont next steps meeting on Thursday evening in the nave and for your enthusiastic contributions. I will summarise below an outline of the evening and the ideas that were developed. You can also see attached a presentation from the evening and thematic tables- I will refer to these in the notes below.


Running repeat sessions so everyone can contribute


Those who attended felt that it would be worth running a similar session for anyone who couldn’t make it first time around.  To this end it would be helpful for your feedback to answer the following 2 questions so I can gauge interest and run this at a suitable time:


  1. Would you like to attend if I organise another next steps meeting so you can get up to speed and contribute to the early development of ideas?
  2. If so, when would be a good time for you? (it would be a 2 hours session): A) between 10am-3pm  B) at the weekend C) midweek 5-7pm D) midweek 7-9pm


I will do my best to accommodate everyone and am happy to run as many of these sessions as demand dictates, during May. Following these meetings  I will then arrange a “next steps part 2” meeting for everyone (including the vanguard who made it to the first meeting on Thursday). I hope that makes sense? I think this exercise is best completed in groups so I can explain things and people can support each other but please feel free to develop the thematic tables and return to me electronically if you are unable to attend a group session and I will add your contributions to the master version.


Shaping Grosmont meeting notes 11.4.2019


The meeting aimed to sense check the report findings and start to develop and prioritise some of the ideas expressed by the community so far. I reminded everyone that the report was the starting point for further discussions and that the contents will evolve in response to changes in the community or new opportunities/challenges that present themselves.

People generally felt the report was a good reflection of what has been said to date. The importance of the pub and nave was reiterated. A reference copy of the report has been left at the church for anyone who doesn’t have internet access.


Prioritising themes


There were 10 key themes in the report and we did an activity to try and prioritise these. The results of this were that the top 4 priorities were listed as:


  • Strong sense of community (improving community communications and networks)
  • Community governance (finding ways to make decisions and develop projects collaboratively)
  • Transport and accessibility
  • Protecting the character and heritage of the village and landscape.


It should be noted that most of the themes were seen as being important and there were particular issues and ideas under other themes which were still of interest so this activity didn’t discount any of these at this stage.


Exploring, developing and prioritising issues and ideas


I introduced thematic tables which included all the key  issues, ideas and existing strengths that have been raised so far in the community. As you can see in the attached file these also included questions to develop these ideas and prioritise them. There was also space to raise new ideas. Text in black in these tables was taken from the comments that contributed to the Shaping Grosmont report. During the meeting, these ideas were developed further and these contributions can be seen in red text. Groups worked in the order they had prioritised themes but there wasn’t enough time for all thematic tables to be developed. However groups started to make good progress getting a sense of which potential projects were important and which were feasible and by concentrating on particular issues or opportunities fresh ideas emerged.  Those attending requested a follow up session to allow time to develop these further.


Support and funding

I briefly introduced potential funding that can support the development of community led activities in Grosmont. You can see more information about 2 different funding options in the last few slides in the presentation. It should be stressed that other funding options also exist which may be more appropriate.  I also stressed the need not to put the cart before the horse and to determine who could deliver such projects and be clear about what people really wanted to focus on before considering funding opportunities. However I also explained that National Lottery have in the last couple of months agreed to ring fence funding for projects which meet the eligibility criteria in areas where Rural Futures is working-which includes Grosmont. It would be best to discuss this in more detail face to face once priorities and potential projects have emerged but it does present a great opportunity for the area.


My availability

I will be on leave from 18-26 April.   I hope to hear from you ASAP so I can start to arrange repeat sessions if required or about any other matter you’d like to discuss further.


Thank you for reading such a long message and best wishes for a good break over Easter!



Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator

Next steps presentation Grosmont v2 11.4[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [3.1 MB]
Individual Thematic tables after next st[...]
Microsoft Word document [33.5 KB]


Hello again


Further to my message earlier this week (see below),  I can confirm the meeting to discuss the Shaping Grosmont report and next steps will go ahead in the church nave next Thursday 11 April (6.30pm-8pm). My apologies to those that are unable to make it.


I look forward to seeing you again and exploring how you would like to move forward.


All the best,



Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator




Asiantaeth Ynni Severn Wye Energy Agency


s/m 07875 840390


a/c  Tŷ Gwydr/ Greenhouse

       1 Teras Trevelyn Terrace

       Stryd Fawr/ High Street



       LL57 1AX


g/w  severnwye.org.uk  e  peterw@severnwye.org.uk







ext box >>



Hello again Grosmont


I hope you have had a chance to take a look at the Shaping Grosmont report and that it reflected your comments at the event. Thank you to those who have sent their feedback. I would now like to arrange a follow up meeting to discuss the report and possible next steps so we can start to make things happen.  I’m conscious that people may be away during the Easter holidays and so I have provisionally booked the nave next Thursday 11 April (6.30pm-8pm). It’s important that this time works for the majority of people. If it is inconvenient and you would prefer to postpone until after Easter please let me know ASAP (by the end of 2 March if possible please). For now, please assume it going ahead on 11 April, but I will be back in touch on Wednesday (3 March) to confirm.


We’ll aim to cover the following points in the meeting:


  1. Discuss and sense check the report findings- any issues or gaps?
  2. Present the key issues and ideas/opportunities that are in the report, anything missing that needs adding?
  3. Consider which aspects might be something the community could lead on, which would need support from other organisations and which are deemed beyond the scope/remit /interest of the community.
  4. Start to prioritise issues and opportunities and possibly identify any low hanging fruit.
  5. Early discussion about who might help take things forward and how.


I continue to welcome any comments or thoughts you may have to shape this meeting to ensure it is as suitable, helpful and productive as possible for you. This email has been sent to Grosmont Community council and just under 50 local people who have requested to be kept in the loop or be involved.


With my best wishes



Peter Willis
Cydlynydd Lle / Place Co-ordinator




Asiantaeth Ynni Severn Wye Energy Agency


s/m 07875 840390


a/c  Tŷ Gwydr/ Greenhouse

       1 Teras Trevelyn Terrace

       Stryd Fawr/ High Street



       LL57 1AX


g/w  severnwye.org.uk  e  peterw@severnwye.org.uk






Shaping Grosmont report
190322_Grosmont Report_Draft[8741].pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]


The council is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Frances Lambert to the post of Clerk of the Council and Responsible Financial Officer.

Mrs Mercer and Mrs Lambert will work together in the post from 1/3/19 - 31/5/19 when Mrs Mercer will retire from the post following this handover period.



The council have noted village concern over car parking in Grosmont Village and would invite members of the public to submit comments / feedback on this issue.

Please write or email the Clerk of the Council - full contact details on this website.





Of relevance to Grosmont Community Council, there is very little to report over the last two months.


In March some copper wire and a tank were stolen from Llangua.


There was a house burglary in Llangattock Lingoed.


In light of the quad thefts in West Mercia and the incidents earlier this year in Crucorney, there have been several reports of suspicious vehicles, seemingly scrap collectors. One had a partial registration of FJ07, another was given as FL07HBP and most recently MT53GWK. I would encourage the reporting of any suspicious incidents to 101.


A good news story is that one of the quads stolen in West Mercia was spotted in the Gwent area. The quad was recovered and the investigation is still going on to identify those responsible. This has also been mentioned in the Golden Valley Newsletter which is attached.


First Aid training is due to be delivered to Year 6 at Pandy School, by the School Liaison Officer, PC Cath Hughes-Gardner on 22nd May. This provides the children with the skills to deal with choking, the recovery position and CPR, and is accredited by St John Ambulance.


Residents can sign up to GwentNow to receive messages from Gwent Police about what is happening in the area.


Police Report for Grosmont Community Council

8th January 2017


All we have had crime wise since the last meeting is the following:

  • Suspected Paypal fraud of small value - Grosmont
  • Stone theft from a garden in Llangatock Lingoed
  • Quad bike stolen from a farm in Llangatock Lingoed.

Police Report for Grosmont Community Council

13th November 2017


There have not been any reported crimes in Llanvetherine, Grosmont, Llangattock Lingoed or Llangua since 1st September.


In Llanvihangel Crucorney and Pandy, there have been several thefts, more recently works vans in the Pandy area have been targeted and power tools stolen. We have recovered some of the carry cases and they will be subjected to forensic testing.


Last month we conducted an off road bike operation in conjunction with Hereford ATF (All Terrain Federation). This was in the Grwyne Fawr area, but more operations are anticipated for the rest of the Crucorney Ward. The ATF motorcyclists used green routes to find and engage with the illegal off roaders, encouraging them to join the ATF. It was a slightly different approach, as it is notoriously difficult to enforce the off road legislation using our normal methods. The idea is to encourage as many illegal off roaders to join the ATF and become responsible riders, thus reducing annoyance to residents and hopefully a reduction in the number of complaints to Police.


I am able to provide crime prevention advice to anyone who is interested. In general terms, report anything suspicious via 101. Property can be registered on line with Immobilise.com, which is a free service for private dwellings. For plant and machinery, there is a company called TER, again on the internet.


PCSO 106 Ruth Moys



As you may be aware, we have been established to consider the future role of Community and Town Councils.  We will be undertaking this work over the coming year with a view to making recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government next Autumn.
Get involved!
We are keen to hear all views – from Community and Town Councils themselves, from the communities they serve, from the people they work with, from areas that have councils and areas that don’t.
As a starting point, we have asked four high level questions set out in the attached information sheet. But we would also welcome your more detailed views and thoughts. Please email us at: Adolygiad.CTC.Review@gov.wales
We would like to encourage you to get involved in the review and share this call for evidence with everyone you see relevant.
We want your views by early next year to help inform the review panel’s emerging thinking. We will be hosting other opportunities to engage and will notify you of these opportunities once arranged.
With kind regards
Independent Panel Members
Dear Sir / Madam
The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales (the Commission) has been asked by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government to provide updated guidance on the conduct of community reviews by principal councils to support greater consistency in the manner in which community reviews are conducted.
Before publishing the guidance in its final form the Commission is providing a draft of the document for consultation. A copy of this draft is enclosed. The consultation will commence on 29 September 2017 and end on 21 December 2017. The Commission would welcome your views on the draft guidance.
There are two audiences in mind in the drafting of this document. Primarily this is a guide for principal council officers in the conduct of a review of their communities. It has also been drafted to inform interested parties, in particular the town and community councils of Wales, as to how the process should operate.
The Commission is aware that in the Reforming Local Government: Resilient and Renewed White Paper the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government confirmed the commissioning of a comprehensive review of the community and town council sector.
The review will take around a year and any recommended changes following the review will be implemented after due consideration. This guidance will therefore be an important document for officers of principal councils and interested parties in the intervening period.
Yours sincerely
Dan Mosley | Review Officer Swyddog Arolygon
Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales | Ground Floor | Hastings House | Fitzalan Court | Cardiff | CF24 0BL
Comisiwn Ffiniau a Democratiaeth Leol Cymru | Llawr Gwaelod | Tŷ Hastings | Llys Fitzalan | Caerdydd | CF24 0BL
Tel : ffôn: 029 2046 4819 | Fax : ffacs:  029 2046 4823 | E mail : e bost: daniel.mosley@gov.wales /ldbc.wales@gov.wales


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